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Enhanced Movement - problem with keys and files..


When it comes to the Enhanced Movement addon, I have come across some issues. It seems whenever me or my friends connect, it just sais that I need to remove the following .PBO files because of bad key or something:

babe_int, babe_core, babe_em

Why is that? It would be nice to have this addon on my server, but I can't get it to work even when follwing the instructions..

If I remove the 3 files, I can connect to my server - but the EM is "disabled" of some sort.


Any help is appreciated! :)



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Hello Nerdybird,

Everyone must have the EXACT SAME VERSION as the server.

The server MUST also have those 'keys' in the 'keys' folder that came with that version of that mod.

v1 on server and v1.1 on client will FAIL.


IF you just wish to test things, you can always set the 'verify signature' value to ZERO in your config.cfg file (default file name).  Do NOT leave it this way!




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