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So we don't currently have advanced rappelling installed on our server.  I've played on servers that had this add on white listed but not installed server side as I understand it. I had a couple of questions about this. The readme file associated with this add on assumes you're installing the package in the server itself so its only been marginally helpful. 

1) I'm running infistar so I assume that an addon IDD has to be added to the AHAT_config file. I've gone through the AR_AdvancedRappelling folder that I got from github ( ) but all I see are code and BIKey files, nothing in the way of an idd inside the code files. Am I missing something? Or am I completely off base? in my thinking?

2) If this is white listed, as I understand it, these files are not necessarily hosted on the server, just allowed for use by players client-side. Everything in the read me suggests a server installation but doesn't really validate the topic of white listing without a server installation. Am I correct in thinking that I should be able to white list inside infistar and, presumably, add a bikey somewhere and it will work for players? Like I said I played on servers that claimed the mod was white listed and, as I recall it, a player would download the add on through steam, start the game and have functionality of the add on but the mod (as the admin stated it) was not install just merely white listed. This could be a translation issue or the admin just didn't feel like giving a thorough explanation but I wanted to nail down the logic of this before I went any further. 

3) Or is this just simply a matter of placing the .bikey file given in that github download into the keys folder?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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