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Change codes after Hack


hello guys..

i wana know something that is rlly dangerous for all players who own bases.. 

i got normaly hacked many many times but today they changed all my code from doors and they steal my flag..

so my problem is.. how i can get back into my base if i cant open doors anymore? i cant remove the doors because flag stolen..

i cant restore flag and base will dissaper after 3 days.. can only hack myself to get in and i think this is too much guys..

if you flex a door then de codelock must be destroyed so you cant change any codes.. and you must replace a new codelock after restored the flag or it will be resetet after restart with same codes again if you dont close the doors before..

that will be the better way..  what do you think?? 


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Best off going to the server's website and asking there. This is the mod website. 

Hacking is an additional script and not part of default exile. 

Also, depending on how your server's admins have configured the server you're playing on, in default exile, after 2 days of the flag being stolen all the door codes and safe codes are set to 0000. 

But, could be different on your server so, hit them up on their website. 

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