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Exile Occupation, to many heli's spawning

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I've added the a3_exile_occupation addon to my server. I changed the config file to only spawn 1 roaming heli on my entire server. Although when i play on my server i notice that there are 2 planes and 1 heli roaming about. 

In the config.sqf file it only says SC_HeliClassToUse, nothing about planes. Do planes also go under the category heli? If not how can i disable or simply configure that there is only 1 aircraft at once on my server?


//    Roaming Aircraft Setup
// Settings for roaming airborne AI (non armed helis will just fly around)
SC_maxNumberofHelis                    = 1;
SC_occupySkyVehicleIgnoreCount        = false;    // true if you want spawn vehicles regardless of overall AI count

// Array of aircraft which can be used by AI patrols (the number next to next vehicle is the maximum amount of that class allowed, 0 for no limit)
SC_HeliClassToUse                 =   [ ["Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Green",0] ];

SC_occupyHeliUseFixedPos        = true;        // True if you want to specify the patrol positions and radius of the area to patrol / false for random

                                            // if you set SC_maxNumberofHelis higher than the number of static positions, the remainder will be random
                                            // they will also ignore any blacklisted areas
SC_occupyHeliFixedPositions        = [
                                    [[4434,2892,400],2000,"Tanoa"],    // [[x,y,z],radius,"mapname"] leave no spaces between 

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Maybe, the jets come from there?


look at

class Events 

enabledEvents[] = {"SupplyBox", "AbandonedSafe","AmbientFlyOver"}; 


delete this ,"AmbientFlyOver"

looks like this

enabledEvents[] = {"SupplyBox", "AbandonedSafe"}; 


these event calls 2 jets and they fly over the map^_^

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