So I've, as best I can tell, installed Advanced Rappelling. Getting into a helicopter and going up gives the scroll menu option to rappel. Upon selecting it the animation to rappel will start but then you'll be hit with a battle eye restriction for 

6:30:47 PM | CreateVehicle Log: #2 [RDG Staff] Fifth (ID#) - #0 "Land_Can_V2_F" 11:217 [11760,3026,4]

Now I know what you're saying, "Fifth just add the exception" and you'd be right. I've added the following to createvehicle.txt to line 0/2 (depending on what you want to call the line) : 

!"Land_Can_V2_F" !="Land_Can_V2_F"

I added both just to cover my bases. And I added the line with keyword:

1 "Land_Can_V2_F"

 at the bottom of the .txt because I am under the impression that I'm supposed to do this for createvehicle.txt.  The readme also mentions adding !"AR_" to setvariable and setvariableval which I have also done. 

Here's the server.rpt from the moment that I was kicked for rappelling:

15:53:40 Error in expression <] call BIS_fnc_param;
_publicMessage = [ExileClientSessionId, _messageName, _mes>
15:53:40 Error position: <ExileClientSessionId, _messageName, _mes>
15:53:40 Error Undefined variable in expression: exileclientsessionid
15:53:40 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_system_network_send.sqf, line 15
15:53:40 BE protection kicked in for player id=1821595596, name='[RDG Staff] Fifth', msgType=91
15:53:40 Cannot create object 5:161 with type[Turret], param[turret], NMT code[247]:
15:53:40 "<>CONNECTLOG| #2 Disconnected: [RDG Staff] Fifth( REMOVED USER ID #) Owner: 5, SteamName: fifthmanstanding [06-Apr-2017 04-59-40 - v0076a]"
15:53:40 Client: Remote object 5:1 not found
15:53:40 Client: Remote object 5:161 not found
15:53:40 "Admin/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 50430080# 1705432: vr_soldier_f.p3d

So why is a) Land_Can_V2_F having anything to do with rappelling since it's a soda can and b) how do I fix this 

A pastbin of the full createvehicle.txt is here :

Thanks in advance for any help.

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For reference: you have to add "Land_Can_V2_F" to the attachto.txt, which isn't listed on the readme or github and was not showing as the cause for the kick. Battleye only showed createvehicle restrictions. I found a reference to the attachto.txt in another post from several years ago. Hopefully this helps anyone else encountering this message. 

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