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Phaze Exile Team

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Hello, my name is Larsson and I am the creator of Phaze.

We are currently searching for players to join our Exile Division, the group is fairly new.
If you're interested then please message me, and if you're not interested then please keep reading before you decide to shove us away! :)

*** We have Captain roles to fill ***

Any further questions will be dealt with in a private message through steam
Who are we
We are a group of gamers that like to get together and play games. The group was founded as a joke by a bunch of friends on the game Rainbow Six: Siege but now I want to use the name to create a community.
We do have some requirements, but they are not strict.[/b]

Age 13+ We mostly go by maturity levels, so if you're younger, then please feel free to speak to me anyways.

Decent spoken english As long as we understand you, then you're good to go!

Knowledge of the game and the Exile mod You don't need to be the best at everything, but a decent knowledge of the game is always a huge +. If you're new to the game and mod then we can teach you the basics.

Willing to listen Listen to orders and execute them to the best of your abilities. Also being able to take and give constructive criticism.

  • No Racism
  • No Sexism
  • Sharing is caring
*** Any rule-breaking is to be reported to me *** [/b] 
Joining Process
First off you add me on steam, we will have a little chat and you can ask me any questions you'd like about the team.

If you decide to join then you will be supplied with a teamspeak IP, we can further chat on there if you have any other questions.

When you join the team, you will be put under the rank Exile Trial You will have this rank for 2 days, under these 2 days we will evaluate you as a player and potenial member.
After the 2 days have passed and we deem you to fit the team, you will be promoted to Exile Member You will have this rank until I deem you worthy for a rankup.

As the rank Exile Member You might wonder when you will get your next rankup. Ranks higher than Exile Member are earned. So by being active and performing in-game you can expect a rankup within a few weeks.
Ranking Structure and Chain of Command
This is our ranking structure.
Exile Commander > Exile Captain > Exile Veteran > Exile Member > Exile Trial

Exile Commander: This rank is to be had by only one at a time. They have access to everything and can deal with promotions, demotions, kicking and recruitment.

Exile Captain: There should only be 3 of this rank. They will be assigned their own squads in the future when the team expands. They will have the power to promote Exile Trial to Exile Member aswell as demoting players back to Exile Trial. They will have the power to kick Exile Trial after consulting with the Exile Commander.

Exile Veteran: This rank is earned. This rank shows your support for the team and is often only given to members who are active and have shown their worth during in-game situations. This rank is prioritized for rankup to Exile Captain when a slot is open.

Exile Member: The basic rank of the team. This rank shows that you made it through the Trial Period.

Exile Trial: 2 day Trial. This rank shows that you're currently under Trial.

You're able to ask for a specializiation tag when you reach the rank of Exile Member. These tags will show what you're better than average at.
These tags include: Fixed-wing Pilot, Rotary-wing Pilot, Marksman, Architect.

The Architects will be given access to everything base related as they will be the ones constructing and designing the base.

*** More ranks will be added as I see fit. ***

Methods of Contact

Steam Message

Forum PM

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