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Ok, so here's the thing. I've never hosted a server before. And my crew decided to get a server. And now I am the one learning what to do as the admin. Fun stuff. So GTXgaming offers the Bornholm map within its mod manager. Great. But it doesn't offer a mission file... and GTX does not help worth a crap with this.

So I am wondering, does anyone have a mission file that I could use? Or explain to me how I go abouts creating a mission file?

Or should I just drop GTX gaming and go with another hosting site?

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@Neo420 GTX gaming and probably most server provider will only give you the usual exile missions files, Maybe someone could give you there mission file. If not and you cant find one online you will most likely have to make/modify one yourself. You would benefit from learning how to do these things so make your server unique to other Bornholm servers. There is plently of topics in these forums on how to do these things, It takes time to learn but once you know how its fairly easy. Dropping GTX wont change anything..

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