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Gathering scrap metal


Hello, i've finally made a start with concrete walls for my base. I noticed that i can loot some metal components from loot crates etc (part of occupation ai) but other than that i found a sledge hammer and went hitting the shipping containers but they dont break.

I read somewhere on another forum post that a recent exile update stopped it from working on shipping containers, so it got me thinking, would it be possible to get all the dynamic vehicle wrecks around the map to be breakable for metal salvage? those rusty vehicle wrecks that are dotted around and totally useless.. is there any way to code in easily a way to make them break with a few hits of a sledge hammer and give off some scrap metal?

I remember in old arma 2 epoch those wrecks could be salvaged with a toolbox in your inventory and you got random car parts back, this would work very similar. Anyone got any ideas or is this just something that would break the game, or please if there is an easier alternative to making scrap metal/metal parts easier to obtain. (i dont want to give them away, i still want people to work for them but allow grinding in some respect for persistent base building types).

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