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Need a way to lock the server specifically for 5 minutes


At the beginning of my server start, base parts are not in the correct positions sometimes leaving holes in walls people can get through. it normally takes a little under 4 minutes but the base walls then reset themselves into the proper positions. 


I was wondering if anyone knew of a efficient way to lock the server for 5 minutes specifically on restart so that players cant enter the server, and then unlocks after 5 minutes. this should give the bases enough time to properly set themselves and not allow players to exploit this. i currently have the server lock until ready to enable players set on but its seems it still not enough time. that why i wish to set it statically.

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Will you tell us your server specs along with your OS? I don't believe this should be occurring unless the speed is insanely slow.  (Source: i have a 4gb vps and the latest it moves around base pieces is 1 minutes)

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