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cant sell



I cant sell any of my vehicles at wastedump it gives me 0 poptabs and i have my Class CfgTrading like this



class CfgTrading
    * This factor defines the difference between sales/purchase price of
    * items and vehicles. It is used if there is no sales price defined
    * in CfgExileArsenal.
    sellPriceFactor = 0.5;

    rekeyPriceFactor = 0.1;

Im using the Easy Trader setup:


class CfgTraderCategories
    #include "TRADERS\APEX\TraderCategoriesAPEX.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\ARMA3V\TraderCategoriesARMA3V.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\ARMA3W\TraderCategoriesARMA3W.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\CUPW\TraderCategoriesCUPW.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\EBM\TraderCategoriesEBM.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\FMP\TraderCategoriesFMP.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\NIA\TraderCategoriesNIA.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\TraderCategoriesCUSTOM.hpp"
    #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp"

class CfgTraders
    #include "TRADERS\CfgTraders.hpp"


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