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Open building doors in traderzones on server start

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I have placed a few buildings with doors in my traderzones. I would like to have the doors in these buildings open automatically upon server start and if possible make them "forced" open.

In 3den I'm able to place a trigger which will do the trick when testing the scenario, but that same trigger doesn't work on my server for some reason.

How can I do this?

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8 minutes ago, EEZY-E said:

You should be able to change the properties of the building to set the door to be open at the server start

Yes, but how?

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I'm going to take a guess you're using the standard process for Exile map mods and exporting to Initserver and Initplayerlocal files?

If so, an alternative to doing so that might help (but isn't great for performance) is to place the buildings with the settings you want in the mission file rather than exporting to the initserver and initplayerlocal files. If you do this, then A3 should behave like it does in Eden.

What I mean by this is to open your Exile.MAPNAME file in 3den, place the buildings and get them working the way you want then just save, exit and pack the mission file onto the server. If you have the buildings already placed on another mission file that you're doing the exports from, you can simply copy them, open the exile.mapname mission and "paste on original position" to make sure they are accurately placed. Remember to temporarily delete the buildings you've copied to the mission file before doing the export though otherwise there will be 2 buildings on the map in the same place!

In point form;

  1. Open the mission file with your traders
  2. select and copy the buildings you want to have open doors
  3. open your exile.mapname mission file
  4. right click and select "paste on original position"
  5. adjust the settings on the buildings how you require
  6. Save the mission file
  7. re-open the mission file with your traders
  8. delete the buildings you just copied to the primary mission file
  9. export the initserver.sqf file again
  10. undo your deletion (cntl + z) and save again.
  11. quit 3Den
  12. pack your mission file and upload to the server
  13. Test and hope for the best!

By doing that, I was able to do some of the more unusual things with the buildings and objects on my map but it does typically impact performance and isn't recommended for large-scale map edits. Bear in mind that this is modded ARMA and nothing is guaranteed to work the way you expect so be ready for any outcome and be prepared that you may not be able to do exactly what you want.

Oh and there's probably a better/faster way to do what I'm suggesting above that someone else may suggest - I'm still relatively new at ARMA map modding and don't have HEAPS of experience yet.

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