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Exilez mod vehicle safe area


Hi, im using the exilez-2 mod for the zombies, all is working great apart from the zombies not attacking players when the player hugs close to a vehicle.

I thought it only happened with helicopters where you could stand under the props and zeds would just refuse to come under to get you but it's the same with ground vehicles too, the zeds just stand back as if blocked by an invisible wall. Is there any way to change this or a simple setting to edit to maybe lift this block or maybe reduce it to like 2M (zombie arm reach)?

I dont mind it happening under a heli but for every vehicle is a bit OP, not much risk to a player if all they need to do is stand next to a vehicle.

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8 hours ago, tinboye said:

Did you enable in config to not allow them to deal damage to vehicles? I could have sworn there was a setting for that.

I don't think so mate, when a player is actually inside a vehicle the zeds go nuts bashing the crap out of it but when you jump out and stand next to the vehicle they hit a barrier they don't go past like an unoccupied vehicle has some kind of safe area maybe.

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