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This is really confusing stuff and Exile's examples weren't too helpful...hopefully someone here can help?

I am trying to add all of the color/skin variants of vehicles to my Vehicle Customs guy so they don't clutter up the Vehicle Trader. I've seen the examples laid out in the default config, but there are two major questions that I can't seem to figure out the answer to yet:

1) How do I add a vehicle texture for a vehicle from another mod (CUP, HVP, etc.) and how would I add one that I've created on my own?
I've tried linking them to their mod folders, etc. but that doesn't seem to work. Do I just move all of the .paa files to my Mission folder or is there a better way? Is this even possible without creating a new mod?

2) How do I get the Vehicle Customs guy to recognize non-Exile vehicles?
I noticed that the examples used in Exile's paintjobs all end with "_Abstract" like a wildcard for where colors should be ("class Exile_Car_SUV_Abstract", "class Exile_Car_Volha_Abstract", etc). When I tried using "CUP_C_Golf4_Abstract", it won't recognize CUP's version of the Golf when I drive up. Does this even support non-Exile vehicles at all?



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You can find some good information in the following thread. I linked page 10 of the thread, as that is where I posted a good amount of info related to your questions. However, you can find useful information throughout the entire thread.


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so in your Exile.mapname.pbo, you depbo, edit config.cpp

then find

class CfgVehicleCustoms

skins[] = 
			{"Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Blue",		100, "Blue",		{"\A3\Soft_F_Beta\Quadbike_01\Data\Quadbike_01_CIV_BLUE_CO.paa","\A3\Soft_F_Beta\Quadbike_01\Data\Quadbike_01_wheel_CIVBLUE_CO.paa"};},

you should just be able to just add new classes

So if you go into @CUP_Vehicles\addons you will see CUP_AirVehicles_A10.pbo

depbo that file, then open the config.bin in eliteness, so that you can read the file.

or debinarize the file.

in there you will see something like


class USAFGrey
				displayname = "United States Airforce Grey";
				author = "$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive";
				textures[] = {"\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_A10\data\a10_01_co.paa","\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_A10\data\a10_02_co.paa"};
				factions[] = {};


so you should then be able to use


as a texture

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Awesome, thanks for the info guys.


@Kurewe: That addon script seems very much like what I am looking for. This will hopefully save me so much time and frustration, thank you!

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