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Hi guys, I have a problem, I have a GTXGAMING server, and I have the InfiStar configured to restart every 3 hpras but it does not work. I can not find any place in my control panel where the restart time can be configured, could anyone help me?

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if your server time is different than yours, and you have not setup your tcadmin profile to your timezone, I would first do this,

as the scheduled restarts are based off of what your profile time is set for

then click scheduled tasks

click new



click new below scheduled restart

then you will see


choose type daily, click the clock and choose 12am

add a name as the title, if you see a triangle appear on the start date, then choose the next day, and the triangle will disappear.

below is the tasks i have setup on mine.



this is to setup static 3 hour restarts, if you jsut setup 1 task to restart just every 3 hours. Then the 3 hour timer would start over everytime you manually restart the server. using 3 hour tasks set at static times, then you cound restart the server 10 times in an hour and it will still start at the set times.

If you just want to have dynamic 3 hour restarts,

then setup 1 task like below


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