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Pesoen [25th PF]

respawn interface kicks players, and no admin log

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i have an issue, i tried to make a "for the fun of it" mission, and decided to use infistar to help me in making it and playing it without being seen by the other players.
but here is the problem, you select a respawn point before you spawn, and the respawn interface kicks people. i tried changing the spawn type to respawn on death on deathlocation, simply to see if it helped, and now no one gets kicked for that.(now they get kicked for arsenal access, even though it is set to not be checked for in the config)

so why does this happen? i set the type to "Other" since its not an altis life, or other common mod, its simply a for the lols kinda mission i made in a few minutes.

another problem is, NOTHING gets logged on the admin side, meaning i cannot see what admin does what, this is really making me mad, when all log stuff is set to true. i get a connection log, anti hack log and kick log, but all other types i was used to in the previous version of infistar(the one before V0248)

what i have done so far to the config is add the server command password and admin password, add my admins and remove some functions from the other admin levels (so a lower level admin cannot ban and do certain things), change the mod to "other" and changed the infistar log path, because they did not show up at all until i changed that(not sure why yet).

what i have done on my server is remove the old dll files and replace them with the new ones. and change what mission it uses to my new type(due to some mods i use for altis life still not being updated)

Server.rpt file also shows nothing of what admins do with infistar, but will show the connect log stuff but nothing else..

If you need more info feel free to ask for the info, and i will do my best to provide.

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