[Solved]Junk metal, container, sledgehammer & 1.68 on chernarus

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on chernarus winter map the medium green contaienr (Misc_Cargo1B_military or Land_Misc_Cargo1B) still get desdroyed with arma 1.68 but you take some damage.
The "original" container of the map are doubled - don't know why. So you need destroy them twice.
Selfplaced eg ["Land_Misc_Cargo1B",[3203.95,7906,0],0,1,0, true] work as expected except taking damage.

The other colors (misc_cargo1c, ef ... ) dont get destroyed.

Can somebody ppoint me to the code where the sledgehammer stuff is done?
Somehow there must be a diffrence in handling the containers?
Maybe enhancing the range of the hammer help in taking less or even no damage.


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after beeing stupid and not recognizing there is a container source in missions config.cpp ....

Adding the containers "misc_cargo1" and "misc_cargo2" (1hight and 2hight cup_terrains p3d) dd help destroying them on chernaus_winter_a3.

The fix/change for 1.68 from yesyesno

does help not to die when the contaienr breaks down .... don't know exactly but mybe the diffrent spawn of the junk metal might be the cause.


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