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Website: WIP


Twitter: WASDGaming_UK


Size of Community: 1-10


We play many different games, primarily ARMA 3 Exile.

WASD Gaming has a 24/7 Exile Server under the name "WASD Gaming Exile Chernarus" and requires some CUP Mods to join. This is where most new members will be able to meet, party up and game on.

So far, the community is made up of casual players, who have years of experience in PC gaming, as well as technical aspects to PCs and games in general. 

About Us

Imagine sitting on your sofa with your friends, playing games, joking around and chilling out. We recreate that in the comfort of your own home. Our community is not a political endeavor, a business or a movement. It’s just a group of mates having a laugh.

Hosted and created in the UK, based on a group of people with lots of different backgrounds and opinions, We hope to create such an environment which allows all players to get along with each other, without creating any complicated scenarios which revolves around the community. All members share a passion for gaming and with this, we ask that everyone's opinion is heard equally, regardless of status, role of playtime. 

WASD Gaming strives on hosting a community where everyone has a fair chance to express their opinion.

Problems can and will be solved in Teamspeak, one-to-one. If you have a problem with someone, or something, you can voice it either directly to the person or in a meeting with our skilled moderation/administration team who have much community experience. They will help the issue be fairly discussed and resolved.

Meetings and announcements are key at WASD Gaming. It helps keep the community flowing and keeps everyone in the loop. Once players are accepted into the community as a full member, they will have advanced permission on our Teamspeak server which will allow more diversity to be taken place within the community. 

That's it. See you on Teamspeak!

WASD Gaming Administration Team

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