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[SOLVED] Being kicked continously

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Hello EXILEmod staff,

My name is Robert (alias squeEZ on steam) and i have a problem related to my account and to my friend's account. Actually i never had any problem connecting on any exile server since today and i'm telling you this because i need some answers. Now i will tell you what happened from the start since today.
My friend that plays arma with me, one day got problems on connecting on many exile servers (getting only msg : You have been kicked from the server). He tought might be a ban or something like that because of using bugs sometimes, so he decided to buy a new account ( and he tried connecting to some exile server that he could not connect with his other account. He kept getting kicked with same msg and no reason. I have decided few min. ago to try connecting with his account from my computer, thinking the problem might be his computer... And i got the same problem... After that i've tried connecting with MINE account, and i start being kicked aswell with same msg. 

This is my steam account:

Me and my friend need an answer of what's happening with our account...

Best Regards,


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One of the accounts was banned for glitching / hacking in items and when you used the other account from the same IP it got as well banned

Both are un-banned now



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