[RELEASE] ExileZ Mod by [FPS]kuplion - Based on ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87

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Current version : v1.6.0

# ExileZ Mod by [FPS]kuplion - Based on ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87

This is a total overhaul/modification of ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87. The file structure has been cleaned up, along with a number of edits to fix or update functionality. The intention of this modification is to build upon the work done with ExileZ 2.0 and to add functionality with ease of configuration in mind.

## Features

  • Dynamic Zombie spawning
  • Location based Zombie spawning
  • Harassing Zombies
  • Hordes
  • Built in Zombie mission (for specific maps)
  • Working safezone and territory detection
  • Supports ANY map (and includes a number of map specific configs)
  • Highly configurable Zombie options
  • Supports Infections (See here for required additional files: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614815221)

## Requirements

## Changes

  • Fixed Safezone detection
  • Fixed Territory detection
  • Optimised file structure
  • Added specific map configs
  • Added support for ANY map
  • Integrated Zombie Monitor for better performance
  • Optimised Harassing and Horde loops
  • Blacklist areas from Zombies spawning

## Upcoming Changes

  • AI offloading
  • Code optimisation
  • More map configs

## Download

## Plugins

## Installation

  1. Edit main settings in 'exilez_mod\config.sqf'.
  2. Edit triggers and settings (if required) in 'exilez_mod\triggers\'.
  3. Edit zombie classes and loot in 'exilez_mod\zombies\'.
  4. Edit the Zombie mission loot in 'exilez_mod\mission\zMissionLootCrate.sqf'.
  5. Pack exilez_mod.pbo with either PBO Manager 1.4b x64 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369) or Eliteness/MikeRo Tools if you have them.
  6. Place exilez_mod.pbo in your '@ExileServer\addons\' folder.
  7. Add "ryanzombies" & "ryanzombiesfunctions" to the "addons" section of your mission.sqm (don't forget to adjust your commas accordingly!!)
    "ryanzombiesfunctions" // Make sure the last entry does not have a comma after it!!

## Optional Steps for Database additions

  1. Run the SQL file on your database.
  2. Add the contents of exile.ini (for your version of extDB3) to the existing exile.ini in the player related queries section.
  3. Enable "EZM_EnableZombieStatKill" in the config.

## Configuration

The script is configured to run with Altis, Tanoa, Namalsk, Malden, Chernarus (Normal, Redux, Winter, Summer, and Isles), Napf, Bornholm, Esseker, Al Rayak, Taviana, and Taunus, with all the features enabled by default but will still run on ANY map if an unsupported map is detected.

Almost all of the information related to the configuration is in 'exilez_mod\config.sqf'.

## BattlEye

  • Scripts.txt (InfiSTAR filters):
Line 2:

!="et == 0)) then\n{\n_grp = createGroup civilian;\n_unit = _grp createUnit [\"C_Man_1\", [0,0,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_unit hideObje"

Line 15:

!="Name \"Zombie Brains\";\n\n_zombie = _this select 0;\n\n\n_zombie setdammage 0.7;\n_zombie setspeaker \"NoVoice\";\n_zombie enableFatigue f"

Line 16:

!="ormal'] execVM \"\ryanzombies\acedamage.sqf\"} else {_target setdamage (damage _target + Ryanzombiesdamage)};\nif (!(alive _target)"

Line 16:

!="delete;\n			if(_netId isEqualTo '0:0')then\n			{\n				_delete setDamage 1;\n				deleteVehicle _delete;\n			}\n			else\n			{\n				ToDelet"
  • Mpeventhandler.txt:
!"ZMPKilled" !"Reloaded"
  • Remoteexec.txt:
!"ZMPKilled" !"Reloaded"

## How to export Triggers positions

  1. Open arma with NO MODS other than the map you are using.
  2. Open Eden Editor and DO NOT load a mission file.
  3. Place an Elliptic Marker *(not a trigger) on every region you want a spawner and set its radius.
  4. Copy Paste the code from GetMarkerCmd.txt inside the debug console.
  5. Execute the code.
  6. Open Notepad, CTRL+V / (Paste).
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

## Donations

If you feel so inclined, donations can be sent to myself via PayPal donate@FriendlyPlayerShooting.com or to Patrix87 via PayPal patrix87@gmail.com .

## Credits

Original code base by Patrix87. Trigger Generator by Second_Coming. Taunus and Chernarus Redux triggers by yukihito23. Chernobyl Zone (and Chernobyl Zone Autumn) triggers by lusu007. Stratis triggers by AKA Tony.

## Special Mentions

Credit to DS/DP/RM/OMG/WTF/LOLBBQ for copying Exile code for database saving. Well done you!! Have a gold sticker!

## License
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Edited by kuplion
Added head exploding config option..
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I will defently take a look into this.

Congrats and thanks for the release!


I had my first look and its awesome!

Realy nice done. 

So far i only had to add this BE Filter:

7 setDammage !="_zombie setdammage 0.7;"


Edited by [RG] Salutesh

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13 hours ago, kuplion said:

6. Open Notepad, CTRL+V / (Paste).

7. ???

8. Profit!


You seem to be missing the "Collect underpants" after "Open Notepad".  Without this your mission file will become a sentient AI and most likely order the immediate destruction of the human race... 

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1 hour ago, zapmaster14 said:

I added this to my server but immediately started encountering crashes.

Here is a log: https://pastebin.com/k42Stv85

Here is mission.sqm: https://pastebin.com/bN81PUtw

Im not sure how to fix this, any help is greatly appreciated. :)

Those crashes are unrelated to this addon..


14:47:06 Missing addons detected:
14:47:06   exile_client


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please where to change Max Zombies spawn on trigger?

config.sqf-i add this..this is right?

Trigger_1 = [				 //Cities
/* 0  Use this trigger */    True,               // Self - explanatory
/* 1  Trigger Positions */   Cities,             // The name of the array used to list all trigger position in the TriggerPositions.sqf file
/* 2  Max Zombies */         6,                 // The maximum number of zombies for that trigger.
/* 3  Activation Delay */    15,                 // The delay before the activation of the trigger.
/* 4  Spawn Delay */         15,                 // The delay between each zombie spawn right after the activation until the Max group size is reached.
/* 5  Respawn Delay */       240,                 // The respawn delay after the max group size was reached
/* 6  Show Trigger On Map */ false,               // Put a marker at the location and radius of the trigger on the map
/* 7  Marker Color */        "ColorRed",         // Color of the trigger
/* 8  MarkerBrush */         "Solid",            // "Solid","SolidFull","Horizontal","Vertical","Grid","FDiagonal","BDiagonal","DiagGrid","Cross","Border","SolidBorder"
/* 9  Marker Alpha */        0.2,                // Alpha of the trigger *(0 is invisible 1 is opaque)
/* 10 Marker Text */         "",                 // The text on the trigger
/* 11 Vest group */          Basic,              // The name of the Array used to list all the possible vest for that trigger. ZVest.sqf
/* 12 Loot group */          Useful,             // The name of the Array used to list all the possible loot for that trigger. ZLoot.sqf
/* 13 Zombie group */        MediumCiv,          // The name of the Group used to list the zombies possible for that trigger.  ZClasses.sqf
/* 14 Mission Radius */      0,                  // Up to how far from the center of the trigger the mission LOOT can spawn.
/* 15 Mission SQF */         nil,                // The location of the Mission file related to that trigger *(use M3Editor to create the file.) THIS IS STATIC AND WILL NOT MOVE WITH THE TRIGGER
/* 16 Loot Box */            nil                 // The location of the Missionloot file related to that trigger *(See example file zmissionloot.sqf)


Edited by NeverAgain

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