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Vehicles get teleported into safezone after server restart



We are having the following problems with our server: After server restart vehicles that had been parked outside the Safezone (In bases, hidden in woods and so on) are spawning inside the safezone and are unlocked. Basically they get teleported out of bases and end up at the trader. Another bug that started occuring around the same time is that doors can not be unlocked or are randomly open after server restart. 

All of the above bugs occured around the time the 64 bit update got rolled out.

So far we tried two things: We completely wiped the table and updated the database to DB3 - without any successs. With the wipe we were going for a drastic solution but this didn't even help.

Does anyone have any idea how we could approach this problem? 

Thanks everyone! 

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Hello Vancum,

This does not sound like 'default' Exile.  I have been running an Exile server since it came out and I have never experienced such an issue.  I would look at mods/scripts outside of Exile.  I have a good feeling this is where your issue lies.

Good luck!


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