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Hey guys i have been playing exile for quite some time now , racking up almost 1900 hours on Arma 3 , and i have recently left the old server i used to play on, because i lost everything i had in it because of a glitch. Anyways I've been trying to find another server to play on and join another group of players since all the people that i used to play with sifted to different games or just play koth.

Pro's :Flying (heli/plane),Driving any sort of vehicle from Lada's to a Slammer UP  , Long Range shooting from 900m to 1.8km (lapua, 50 cal , Mar 10) , Or Support /marksmen with the SPMG, Navid or other high caliber LMG. Depending on the map if cherno, a very good knowledge of base spots , sniper spots and game sense overall. (decent knowledge on seeker)

About me ; I speak 3 languages fluently ; English , Portuguese ,French and i understand Spanish but i'm very bad at making full sentences without butchering some words. (18 years old)

ADD me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Azteque500/

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Heyy @Eazy-E

I see that you're looking for a nice group of like minded guys to have fun and join something more than just another ordinary group.


I would love to have you come and chat with us, get a feel for how we do things, you can check out our bio on our forum thread


Hope to hear from you. Add me on steam too! iZerkGaming



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