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2nd server data base

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greetings to the DB Gods , 

I just started to work on our second server . 

I am using Mysql 

I created a new schema called exile 2 , when I load in the exile.sql it defaults back to exile (original) and nothing is loading to the new  .

am sure am missing something very simple if someone can point in the way .thanks



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In the SQL you can change the name before running it. 

USE `exile`;

Change exile to whatever name you want. Once you have that completed you need to edit the second servers extdb-conf.ini to call on that database and not the default exile database the first server calls to. Open your @ExileServer folder and locate the extdb-conf.ini file.

Open the file and scroll to the bottom. Edit line 68 to say the new database name.

Type = MySQL
Name = exile_2
Username = Username
Password = Password
IP =
Port = 3306
minSessions = 2
idleTime = 60
; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL
compress = false
; Recommend you turn this on
Secure Auth = true


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