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Wrong signature for file Kicks


Hey, notable amount of my players are getting kicked for "Wrong signature for file". Files are random, can be vanilla arma files, can be mod files. Doing file check or mod reinstall or game reinstall doesn't help. I've heard that it might be lag related but its a huge server hosted at OVH and they are getting kicked even when server cpu load is 10%.

verifySignatures   					= 2;
kickClientsOnSlowNetwork            = 1;
onUnsignedData 						= "kick (_this select 0)";	
onHackedData 						= "kick (_this select 0)";
onDifferentData 					= "kick (_this select 0)";

Any idea what can cause it?

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I had this problem with several players. I changed verifySignatures to 0 just to test and it allowed my test player with the problem to play fine. Flipping it back to 2 enabled the problem again. Fortunately this player is a friend of mine so I was able to look at his computer personally and found that his version of exile, for whatever reason, despite being the correct version had a signature key mismatch with ours. When pulling up the vanilla arma launcher, selecting mods tab, clicking the drop down arrow on the line with Exile mod showed a red icon where the signature was supposed to be. After completely deleting his exile folder out of Addon locally and re-downloading he was able to play fine. I am unsure what causes it, perhaps a bad internet connection during download of the mod. Hope this helps. I won't speak to it being a remedy for all issues. Best of luck. 

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