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I just wanted to ask a general question regarding mod installation before I take the plunge. 

If I'm understanding this correctly, and I'm probably not, when installing mods they roughly have to be done the following way:

1) add the @<mod name> folder at the root of the server.

2) add the bikey file to the keys folder

3) modify the launch parameters to include the mod name ( ex: -mod=@Exile;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons )

The thing I want to ensure I'm correct about is that #1 is correct. For example, I'm running DMS/Occupation/infistar etc inside @exileserver\addons folder. I realize that these are scripts and from what I'm gathering, the server starts up @ExileServer on restart and everything inside that gets called or initialized. Whereas with mods, having them in a separate @folder in root and then defined in the launch parameter causes them to get started along with exile (I'm also under the impression that Exile should be at the start of that mod parameter line because order matters?)

So to be clear: Mods need to be done as explained in points 1-3 above and not added to @exileserver\addons folder correct?

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