Looking for some teammates to play Exile with.

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So, as the title states, I'm getting into playing Exile again and most of the people I used to play with have started playing other games.

A bit about myself, I'm Dutch, 22, speak fluent English as its my native language and have around 1175+ hours in arma 3, and 3000+ in arma 2.

I mostly enjoy CQC and doing missions, I'm not really big on building.

Let me know if you'd like to team up, preferably I'd like to team up with people who are at least 18 or older, my steam: redsaw66

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Heyy  @Redsaw66

I see that you're looking for a nice group of like minded guys to have fun and join something more than just another ordinary group.


I would love to have you come and chat with us, get a feel for how we do things, you can check out our bio on our forum thread


Hope to hear from you. Add me on steam too! iZerkGaming



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