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hi all,

is there a way to add/delete stuff from other peoples templates?

let me explain :)

i have a server, but its empty like it is now, so im looking into download for nice stuff to place on chernarus.

once ive found something here, i copy/paste the data into my debug console and it appears in editor...but i cant change it.

is there a way to change stuff from players downloads in editor? (using m3editor)



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u cant do that unless you have to original files.. but map edits are really not hard . if you like something .. take a screenshot and the use it for comparison, while you're in editor to build your own using that as example  .. if you just want to delete say some of the extra crap to help with fps .. just open the sqf .. and delete lines out of the object you don't want .. but there is no way I know of .. but there is always someone that has a hack .. but creating your own content is better than snagging others stuff

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