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BattlEye kicking me whilst connecting to server (restriction #0 & #22)


I'm trying to set up an exile server, but whenever I try to join with battleye enabled I get kicked.

I'll be connecting to the server and then be kicked for script restriction #0 or #22

these are the logs:


if (getnumber (configfile >> "CfgFunctions" >> "v"
02.05.2017 00:11:17: JasperG ( 0128919e1909b447e372691d4cbc522e - #0 "riable ["BIS_fnc_selectRespawnTemplate_loaded", addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded",
if (playerRespawnTime >= 1) then
private _"
02.05.2017 00:11:52: JasperG ( 0128919e1909b447e372691d4cbc522e - #22 "
if (isNil "BIS_fnc_MP_packet") then {BIS_fnc_MP_packet = compileFinal ""}; 

if (getnumber (configfile >> "CfgFunctions" >> "v"

what do these mean? is there a way to fix it?

any help would be much appreciated.

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First you need to know where the kicks came from .. look in battleye folder.. there is a log file and a txt file for each category .. when you were kicked it says #0 script  etc .. once you have the kick ..  are u using infistar anti hack ? .. no or yes .. if yes .. did you copy over the battleye filters as required , replacing the default filters ? 
What mods have you installed .. always only load one mod, then test .. make sure no kicks .. then add another ,etc .. 
for most kicks use this http://bfe.marma.io/# see video here on how to use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzSOdN3MiII 
this will help with most filter kicks .. but others are not so easy .. there is no quick and easy way to resolve kicks .. every mod / script adds new challenges.. some you have to merge files together .. no one ever said a a3 server is easy 
This will get u started .. but more headaches to come


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