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Some CUP Vehicles are for free idk why and error message when i buy it "3"

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6 minutes ago, RL Daged said:

Still i dont get it... This is my first server ever... If u know it just tell me what i have to add please


Wasn't trying to be rude.

I'm new to servers also.

This was the only info I could find but i do notice from your config that all your Heli's, Planes have prices so I am unsure what/where the issue is.

I am just trying to point you in a direction that may help you out. :-)

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21 minutes ago, RL Daged said:

ah okay thanks :)

Just remember,

1. It's Arma

2. It's Mod's

3. It will be a headache


4. When you fix it, you will be enlightened 

Peace n Zeds :-)

In case your error is 'Failed to purchase vehicle :13' have look here.

Helicopters : Failed to purchase vehicle 13





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