I am Ray I've played exile for over 500 hours on my 4500 hour record on Arma 3, so for the past month and a half i haven't played exile, i was only playing on a couple life servers, my Mil sim and king of the hill, So recently i joined a few new communities and i wanted to play exile again, on the most servers that i liked to play on have infiSTAR (Global Ban Database)? So what i want to know why did i possibly  get banned? since i can't play on most of the servers that i enjoy playing on, and if there is a way to get that ban removed since i don't want to buy a new copy of Arma 3 with all the DLC's, around two almost three years ago i used to play arma 2 when i got my gaming PC, i decided to cheat on DayZ mod, so i got global banned which carrier to my arma 3, so i had to buy a new arma copy and account (i've learned my lesson ever since), and my VAC ban on this account because i had my phone shared on another account when i used to cheat on arma and csgo, so I've learned my lesson and i don't tend cheat. Also i contacted infiSTAR support TWICE, they closed my support tickets with no responses, so i hope they respond here i guess or i could get help here.




GUID: 76561198256478443



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