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To keep an overview of all the things, I have compiled the following list.

  • Open = Not started working on it yet
  • Addressed = We think we solved it, will review in next RC
  • Fixed = Confirmed working


  • Fixed: Some doors on Altis traders will not open
  • Fixed: Muzzle flash of KSVK was always visible
  • Fixed: It is possible to move ladders while climbing them
  • Fixed: Colt 1911 has no recoil
  • Fixed: Tractor sometimes has no wheels
  • Fixed: Land Rover (Ambulance) sometimes has no wheels
  • PARTIALLY FIXED: Tow Tractor sometimes has no wheels [Eichi: One wheel is still missing :-D]
  • Fixed: Old Tractor sometimes has no wheels
  • Fixed: Tow Tractor shows head lights during daytime
  • Fixed: New 8G Bullet Cam ammunition needs icons
  • Fixed: Regular HUD is visible while in aircraft, boat or vehicle traders
  • Fixed: 8G Bullet Cam would appear while using vehicle turrets
  • Fixed: Screws were not available in traders
  • Fixed: NVGs were placed in hardware traders, should be in spec ops / special environment
  • Fixed: UH1H had a strange flickering monitor
  • Fixed: Crafting a wood draw bridge would return a wood floor
  • Open: Party map markers would not update in GPS HUD
  • Fixed: M16A4, M4, and M16A2 have the incorrect round type in their display name
  • Fixed: You are able to lower and raise a locked draw bridge
  • Fixed: Take-all is now limited to be used once every 5 seconds and only if no other player is nearby
  • Fixed: The loading screen should not show Arma cutscenes as missions anymore
  • Fixed: Entering or leaving safe zones now shows baguettes instead of toasts
  • Fixed: Some field toilets could not be opened (important!)
  • Fixed: Drawbridges cannot be opened from the far end of the bridge
  • Addressed: Melee weapons do not do damage
  • Fixed: Containers cannot be harvested for metal anymore
  • Open: Being killed by an AI will cause you to gain respect for their kill
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