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I'm running a Lingor server of a Linux machine (Xubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS) but I'm seeing a very low CPU useage.
I'm running a Chernarus server, and this Lingor server is almost a copy/paste of this Chernarus server.

The only difference is zombies (and map layout, traders and spawn zones ofc).
The thing is, the server FPS drops to 15 with 20 players connected which is to low for the things it has to do compared to Chernarus.

Much less bases, much less players... I can't image that because of zombies the CPU useage (i7 4790k) drops to 15%...
I tried these parameters (seperately): -cpuCount=8 and -enableHT, also without 'performance' parameters.

They both seem the same looking at CPU useage. Have a look at the screenshot I provided.

Mods running:

  • CUP - Core
  • CUP - Vehicles
  • CUP - Maps
  • CUP - Units
  • Exile
  • CBA
  • TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms
  • Lingor
  • Ryan's Zombies
  • NiArms - Complete
  • Extended Base Mod

Zombie system used: ExileZ2

I hope someone can help me out here, otherwise I don't see another option then switching to Windows...

Thanks for responding :)


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On 24.5.2017 at 0:08 PM, Mr Hanky said:

tools like that "task manager" may fool you.


Check with "top", you should see a complete different picture of CPU usage ;) 


tools like "task manager" may pull the data from top and just display it in a different (and maybe better) way.


Ryans Zombies are not good optimized, especially with High Amounts of them!    Over 200 Zeds on the whole map and the Server can suffer huge perfomance impacts. Especially if you forget dead bodie deletion and/or triggering alot of "Zed-Zones"

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