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I have spent 3 days and quite a few hours on here testing... i noticed a lot of folk on there the first day but i think they must feel as i do because only about 5 folk have been on today... I am still franticly chopping trees to get wood to build my base and am trying to collect vehicles to sell to make money. i lost my blackfish yesterday with a strider in the back due to a bad landing on my part and ever since it has been a struggle. I wanted to test the blackfish to see how it copes at my base (cant afford one now) I also wanted to test other vehicles on my wooden floor of my base (cant afford them now) i wanted to test more building but i am still chopping trees and it will take ages to make concrete and other items, i think this is why folk have dwindled as WE want to help you test, but how can we do this if you are not going to provide the tools. Last year i helped test as did my wife also and it was enjoyable because we WERE given the tools to speed things up... Eichi deserves praise for this as he kept spawning urals full of loot and they were chocabloc full with everything to build effectively and also sellable items such as territory upgrades etc, and the testing was enjoyed and i spent all my time on there... But unfortunatley  this time is just too much as the enthusiasm just is not there and i am afraid that like others, i will conceed defeat and give up. This i want you to know is not down to me as i cannot do the job without the tools. Give us the tools and we can deliver and i am sure others will agree. With the tools things will move faster and obviously the release date could be nearer. Please dont take this the wrong way, what i have aforementioned but it is my opinion... apart from that the devs are doing a brilliant job. Rant over......

PS if a moderator decides to put his jobsworth hat on and say this is in wrong department ( it does say constructive criticism by the way) then could the said moderator kindly move it for me to the right place as i feel i am not the only one who feels this way, thankyou and respect

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A new RC will be out soon and everyone will be given more money/respect. This is the only thing we can do currently as we don't have any admin tools on the server or access to any other tools like marma to spawn items. 

This is the new dev team's first time doing an RC and, to be frank, only one dev from the new team is even available right now to work on the update. Eichi has been going out of his way to help as much as he can. Please try to be in understanding.

Thanks for helping test.

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thank you for the reply, much appreciated and yes Eichi has been very helpful to my wife and i and also when we pointed out a problem in arma 3 chat, he came to us in his heli to assess the problem, he found a fix and restarted the server,  i have a lot of respect for this guy and also yourself for taking the time to reply and explain the situation on this thread,

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