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The Goal

I have run a few servers in the past along with lots of play time in arma in general. I really enjoy the concept of Exile but my friends and I are not a huge fan of the high loot, no progression of loot. Meaning we don't like walking in a shed and walking out with a Lynx let alone choosing if we want the Lynx out of the other 3 guns in the pile. We want more low-end gear at the beaches and towns (sting, vector, shotguns etc) and military gear at military bases. As for the trader we would love a more dynamic trader that only shows up for x amount of time and either he only sells what has been sold to him or a limited supply in thus you still need to loot for what you need. We want roaming ai soldiers along with the mission AI, not zombies as they are pretty bad in arma 3. 


The Question

  1. Well are these things possible?
  2. I have an i-5 intel, 16gb linux dedicated box would that work for this or should I just get a game server from a host for simplicity(I know they are low on resources). I have considered getting tcadmin to make the management side easier.
  3. Would anyone be interested in helping?(Pretty low question I know, but any help is very appreciated)

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9 minutes ago, Crazy Mike said:

general isnt for support, and honestly nobody wants to see more servers xD

Ah as for the post, I wasn't sure where to post it. As for the server I haven't found a server even somewhat close to what I described everything is high loot or militarized. And havent seen any good US servers with roaming AI.


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