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Hi guys - 

First post! I'd like to say thanks for the great mod, and the great forum.  Although this is my first post, I've been reading for quite some time.

Now, on to the question.  I'm running a dedicated (private, just for my group of friends) Exile 1.0.2 server without issue.  I've added the UAV and UGV to the aircraft trader, and I'm able to purchase and use them without issue (I followed this guide)

My question is specifically about how to rearm them?  On the Ababil-3 specifically, once I shoot all six missiles, I can't find a way to rearm the drone.  I've added a repair and rearm script outlined here

 and it works very well for all "drivable" vehicles, just not for the Stomper (armed) and Ababil-3.  I believe the issue to be that since I'm not actually "in" the vehicle, I'm not presented the contextual mouse wheel options for a rearm.  The Stomper does present the contextual options if you get in as a passenger, but upon clicking, it gives the error "There must be no people in the vehicle", as it should, outlined in service_point_rearm.sqf.  I realize I could raise the variable amount, and potentially get around this, but that wouldn't help me on the Ababil-3, which doesn't have the ability to be entered, even as just a passenger.

I've googled extensively for any tips on rearming Drones, and haven't come up with anything.  Hoping someone has overcome this issue and can offer some tips.

Thanks again for all of the great information!

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12 hours ago, xactionbobx said:

I've been reading for quite some time

Just clearly not the big red text next to the new topic button.

General Discussion is not for support.

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