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is there a UAV control distance?


I've enabled UAV's and UGV's on my server, and they are working well, except when you get too far from the UAV terminal.  They get quite "glitchy". We will frequently lose video feed. The drones will frequently freeze in place, and the video feeds will show an underwater view, until a few minutes later the view will catch up with the drone.  We also lose the ability to move the view in third person view (by pressing 2, 4, 6, 8 on the number pad) when we're too far away.  This affects the Darter, Ababil-3 and the Stomper, but at different distances.  The darter seems to have a 1 grid-square radius from the terminal. The UAV's seem to have a 4 grid-square radius, and the stomper has issues somewhere around 3 grid-squares.  We've tested this by deploying the drones, and once we "lose signal", we will hop in a chopper and fly closer. Once we get close enough, we can regain control of the drones, and of the third person view.

If there is a distance set somewhere in the code, I'd like very much to find that and increase it.  Has anyone found anything like this, or at least experienced similar issues with the UAV's?  Any ideas where I can start looking?

Thanks in advance!

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