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Hi, Just updated to the latest version of Infistar (infiSTAR.de EXILE (v0077) 08.05.2017-08_21_32)

Since then, players have been dying for no reason, they could be flying, driving or riding, they can be driving along and it is like they hit an invisible wall, vehicle vanishes, they are on the ground knocked out/rolling around.

Have look at my admin log and keeps coming up with Teleport stuff, so it is thinking that they are teleporting when driving, flying or riding. players are getting pretty cheesed off. anyone else having this problem??

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i dont use the anti teleport with infistar, you can't TP a player to you, or move them unless you define areas that it is allowed.. So I removed it.. There is a section in there about ramming in safe zones that i don't use either.. I dont know if it is still in use, or if it was only in Epoch A2, they had a speed limiter in safezones, would pretty much make you come to a instant halt.. If its infistar doing it, it should be in the logs, message @infistar and see if they can help you out.

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