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Anarchist Wolf

MySql Error on Joining


Whenever i start up the server and try to join i get this Error Message. In the config ive already pointed it to the exile database. but i still get this error.


14:48:20 "ExileServer - Installed extDB2 version: 71"
14:48:20 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!"
14:48:20 "ExileServer - Please have a look at@ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong."
14:48:20 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Could not add database: [0,""Database Exception Error""]"
14:48:20 "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :("
/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/tier1/../tier1/fileio.cpp (3997): Assertion Failed: CFileWriterThread: pending file writer content_log.txt
/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/tier1/../tier1/fileio.cpp (3997): Assertion Failed: CFileWriterThread: pending file writer connection_log_2302.txt
Bad thread local/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/tier0/threadtools.cpp (1431) : Assertion Failed: Thread synchronization object is unuseable

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