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UPDATE(jets) Screwed my server...[need help]

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Hi guys,,,

I just dit the update 1 minut ago (jets)

And i try to start my server adn the first thing i get is a battleye error


#3 "imple without class;";

if (_autolog) then
"bi_Logger" callExtension format["_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1",_csv"

So i have edited to this:

!="imple without class;\";\n\nif (_autolog) then\n{\n\"bi_Logger\" callExtension format[\"_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1\",_csv"

i have checked with the website  if i dit the right... it shows i dit.... so i have added the line on line 5
And still after server restart it shows the error again....

Well second problem what came up when started the server with (jets) update:

Scripts exile_client\trashBin\fn_admin.sqf not found


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