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Server wont run after clicking steam update




We have a GTX server and we clicked Steam update but since doing the Steam update on the server we get following message in the RPT see below we have contacted GTX support who said it was mod but honestly were not much help we tried removing some mods but had no luck we are pretty much stuck and would atleast like to get the server to run once again

We only used the steam update option on GTX then it broke

Thanks for any help or solutions




== C:\TCAFiles\Users\KirkB\27946\arma3server.exe
== C:\TCAFiles\Users\KirkB\27946\arma3server.exe  -server -ip= -port=2302 -profiles=Arma3Config -name=Arma3Config -config=Arma3Config\config.cfg -cfg=Arma3Config\basic.cfg -mod="@Exile;@Arma Enhanced Movement;@CBA_A3;@CUP Weapons;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@Extended_Base_Mod;@TRYK(ver 0.95 fix3) [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms];@Advanced Rappelling;@Advanced Urban Rappelling;@Advanced Towing;@NLD Units;@FA-18 Super Hornet;@Advanced Sling Loading;@Femal3 Heads;@Femal3 Uniforms;@NIArsenal;" -servermod="@ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile;" -autoInit -enableHT

Original output filename: Arma3Retail_Server
Exe timestamp: 2017/05/16 12:29:58
Current time:  2017/05/16 12:17:40

Type: Public
Build: Stable
Version: 1.70.141764

: Allocator: C:\TCAFiles\Users\KirkB\27946\Dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll
PhysMem: 32 GiB, VirtMem : 4.0 GiB, AvailPhys : 8.7 GiB, AvailVirt : 3.9 GiB, AvailPage : 18 GiB

12:17:40 No product.bin found, using defaults for a core engine.
12:17:40 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible!
12:17:40 Cannot register unknown string STR_VIV_GETIN
12:17:40 Cannot register unknown string STR_VIV_DROP
12:17:40 Cannot register unknown string STR_VIV_UNLOAD
12:17:40 Warning Message: No entry '.CfgWorlds'.


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