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hey guys this one is being a pain in my ass, 
keep getting a remoteexec #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [94659600# 1759748: offroad_01_hmg_f.p3d REMOTE]"

i add !="bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries" to line 4 of remoteexec.txt restart test and it happens again.. :(
my remoteexec.txt :


7 "ExileClient_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage"
7 "FN_infiSTAR_C" 
7 "" !="exileserver_system_network_dispatchincomingmessage.*" !="fnc_adminreq \[.*\]" !="true" !="" !="bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries"

Help please, i'm probably gonna kick myself xD been  a bit since i have engaged fully in a server :S 

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