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[141st] Konni

Disable Dynamic Simulation on Exile Server


Hi there!
This is my first post on this forum. My name is Konni, and I've been trying so set up an exile server for about a month now. I actually never had any kind of experience with setting up a server, so I am basically a newb.  So far I've been able to manage: DMS,ZCP,VEMF,R3F,ExAD,RoamingAI,EBM. Everything is working smooth-as, except the Heli-Taxi I've bee trying to set up. My goal is to set up a taxi which circles around the map to pick up new players etc.... The helis are to be marked by a map-marker. I've done this through the Eden Editor, by using the standard "MOVE" and "LAND" Commands. I set up 4 Hellcats, which are to patrol specific points around the map, all of which have their "DYNAMIC SIMULATION" turned "OFF". I even applied this for the whole map ("Attributes"-"Performance"-"....") and also added an "INIT"-Line  to all of the choppers ("enableDynamicSimulationSystem = false;"). Yet still, as soon as a heli leaves someones view distance, the marker on the map starts spazzing out and the heli won't move until someone enters it's view distance. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Exile, since it does work in Vanilla.

Looking forward to your answers

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