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[SOLVED] Drag edited editor map to server.


Hello community and Arma players,

I have been trying to get an edited map on my exile server for almost several hours.
I have read many posts and topics now up and down, without success ...

I am playing on the map Altis and have set a building in the editor for test purposes and saved this mission.

I am from there u.a. Followed this guide:
"Simply take the Sqf into the missionfile, open sqf, remove the Unit / Center / West, just leave the _initCodes = [] at the beginning, then save in the init.sqf simply execVM" nameDerMapAddition.sqf "; . "

Now take the first step "Sqf", my mission file was saved as SQM and there is also no Unit / Center / West or initCodes in the beginning ...
My question is now, how do I get the placed building from the editor on my exile server?

I am currently really perplexed and do not know, I hope one of you can help me with this topic ...

I thank you already in advance with you!

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