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[SOLVED] Remote Exec Restriction #0 - For Bleeding

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One of all our old favourites and my entry on the loadscreen "preparing bicycles of death" :)
Saw bike last minute, accidentally crashed into it on my quad. Quad exploded although I managed to get away limping....then kicked for remote exec res #0.
On logging back in first time was hit with script restriction #0 but, I believe @MGTDB has sorted that already.
Odd thing as well though, when I logged back in after that kick my screen was a certain brightness, not fully bright (as expected). But, as I ate and drank to get health over 90% on both and my health got the first 2 HP's (29-31 I think), my screen actually went dimmer. I'm guessing the remote exec kick could have played part but, thought I would add that as well..

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