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Good day, I am working on a new project I came to bit of a stand still today , 

after I loaded in Niarms and CBA (both downloaded from A3launcher) I get an error joining the server , HLC_Compact_ace3_ar15 requires addon ace_common.

I spent the better part of the day googling and searching Exiles forums with no clue why am receiving this error .

When I join the server I get the error hit ok I can still log in , I head to the traders and everything is listed .

 I have tried with cba and asdg_jr_u both kick me the error . 


any help to resolve this bump would be great . 




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I don't know if its just me or not , I added ace it removed that error and I now have it requiring a cup weapon now . 

judging by the toads github he's working  on these weapons , I used redneds trader which may have these weapons loaded in , I  will look further 

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