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I'm working on a new map, Elba Island ... that's will be a realistic reproduction of this island located in Italy -  Tyrrhenian Sea.
A while ago, when I was young :-))) , I traveled all the streets of this island on a bike and so

I decided to reproduce it based on my knowledge of the place and google map3d for the exact location of objects (houses, trees, walls ... .)
For now I've finished the most boring part (leveling roads etc ..) and a small part of forest and houses.
The style of houses and buildings is the same as altis and also the type of vegetation but Elba is much more vegetation,

so we say similar to cherno in percentage ....

I want to make a map that doesnt need cups or other addons .... if I put in new items will be created by me ...
As for the completion I will update in this thread but I assume it will not be before the end of 2017.

In 2018 a winter version will be produced .

7DRX7NK.png he2r8fu.jpg


Map Size 32768x32768
Grid 8192
Cell 4 m
Sat Image 32768px
Resolution 1m/px

Smooth Roads/Terrain [complete 98%]
Objects Insertion         [complete 2%]

Some Screens  but for now nothing of striking cuz just started  :-))

7dHqJPj.jpg TmBO3qR.jpg

35ld4Cx.jpg 2pNrt8X.jpg


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