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Exile 1.0.3 Loot


Like so many others I took advantage of the preview of the 1.0.3 loot tables. Everything worked perfectly. I've updated all of my servers with the new Exile 1.0.3 but now when loot spawns it's as if it's pulling from some other loot table. I remove all the prisoner magazines, toilet paper, empty bottles, the usual junk. But when the servers start up and I go to check loot it's all default loot. I usually call my loot tables with:

#include "CfgExileLoot.h"

I've even went ahead and added the entire table to the config, and yet the loot spawning is not from the table I have created. I figured that maybe something was changed with the compiler since the preview version had been released. So I re-download the compiler and re-compile the loot table. Still the same result. The big question is where is it getting a default loot table from when I've altered it?


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