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Mods not showing on "Expansions"


Ever since ive updated to Exile:1.0.3 i have had this issue "Mods on Client and Server don't match" Im using A3Launcher and all looks good. Keys match, versions are all the same. When I click on my server in LAN it has a red dot and Some mods are missing. Im not sure how since when I launch the old server with 1.0.2 it starts right up and I can join. Please if anyone has his issue let me know what I can do

Edit** If im using Altis map it works fine. When I switch to Tanoa it gives me the error

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when u change your map you are simply using an other mission.pbo (Exile_Tanoa.pbo or Exile_Altis.pbo)

check/compare your Addons (somewhere in the mission.pbo)

also check your Startparamters

doublecheck your Keys (maybe copy them from your client-moldfolder to the Server)

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