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Wrong signature kicks for hbarrier_01_big_4_green_f


I have multiple users on my server getting kicked.

Wrong signature for file a3\structures_f_exp\military\fortifications\hbarrier_01_big_4_green_f.p3d

The server is up to date on Arma and Exile. I have the Signature checks set to 1.
Anyone else having an issue with this?

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I believe that is a Tanoa asset. 
This advice is only if you are running a different map - altis, chernarus, namalsk, taunus, stratis. etc. 

These are likely players which don't own the APEX expansion. 

If you're using EBM, disable the tanoa/apex assets. and find any in your database and remove them.
if you've used any of the green fortifications in your map edits. you're going to need to replace them with non apex objects.

If you're running Tanoa, none of what I said applies, so disregard it all. 

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