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AI Not moving (vemf / headless client)


I currently have an issue with AI not moving around, using waypoints since Exile update to 1.0.3

I use a heavily modified VEMFr, It barely even resembles the original anymore.
As such I am making this thread separate from the VEMF thread. 

Basically, I was wondering if one of the exile devs could respond to the following.

1. Has there been any changes made to "O_G_Sharpshooter_F" in the config which could prevent the AI from moving?
2. Have there been any changes made to the enableAI/disableAI commands 
3. Is there any changes in this version which you think of which would prevent movement/waypoint commands being transferred to the headless client?

Everything was working perfectly on exile 1.0.2, A3 1.70.
Only encountered this issue after updating exile

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Edit: Looks like for some reason Battleye is randomly kicking my headless client
Which is causing my AI to misbehave, stop moving etc.

18:26:03  > You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Query Timeout)
18:26:05 Client connected:
18:26:07  > Player dmd_headlessclient connecting
18:26:07  > dmd_headlessclient uses modified data file

I have battleyelicense = 1; in my settings and all. this is very frustrating.
In  any case. feel free to lock this topic mods.

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