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Hey everyone, just a heads up
If you're using a headless client with your server, You may notice some Battleye kicks since the update to Arma 3 1.70

BattlEye: Query Timeout
Seems to happen 10-20 minutes after the startup. 

23:07:56 Player dmd_headlessclient kicked off by BattlEye: Query Timeout
23:07:56 Player headlessclient disconnected.
23:07:59 dmd_headlessclient uses modified data file
23:07:59 BattlEye Server: Player #0 dmd_headlessclient ( connected
23:07:59 Player dmd_headlessclient connecting.
23:08:00 Player dmd_headlessclient connected (id=HC6956).
23:08:01 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID () of player #0 dmd_headlessclient
23:08:01 BattlEye Server: Player #0 dmd_headlessclient - Owner GUID: < removed >

I have lodged a support ticket to Battleye, they have replied to advise they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

This issue has been causing my headless client to disconnect, then reconnect. but if you're using something like VEMFr AI missions, it causes the AI to be unresponsive.

Hopefully this saves someone else the headache of trying to fix an issue that's outside of their control (RIP my yesterday evening)

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